Tarot Journal v3.0

Instructions for using Tarot Journal app

The latest version in AppStore is 3.16, please update if you are on an earlier version

Tap on a section for further information. This user manual will be updated and any changes will show in your app without any need to update the app

v3.11 and later now supports syncing via iCloud if you are using iOS 14 or later. All readings, querents, spreads, card sets, images, keywords and keyword-tests will be synced to your other iOS devices via iCloud. If you make changes on one device those changes will update other devices - the delay before updates may vary depending on internet connection etc.
You may initially get duplicated spreads - this can be resolve by deleted one of the duplicate spreads and readings using that spread can moved to the duplicated one. Some duplicate spreads may not be used in any readings so can just be deleted.

Last updated 9th February 2021

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